A successful book launch has nothing to do with luck. It’s all about having the right content, planning well, and having a great strategy.

We are going to share with you five ways to launch a bestselling book; including what to do and what not to do to ensure success.

  1. Don’t write a good book, write an interesting book: When you want to launch a book that will be best-selling, don’t write a book most people would rate as good. Write a great book, an interesting one that people won’t want to stop reading once they start it.
  1. Don’t plan in weeks, plan in months: Launching a bestselling book takes more time than you can imagine, so when you want to plan a book launch, don’t set a timeline of 2- 3 weeks rather start planning between 8 -12 months ahead to enable you cover all the necessary bases.
  1. Don’t have a team, have an army: When you want to launch a book, don’t think you can do it yourself with a few friends or team, instead call for help from almost everyone you know to help you with the planning. It won’t be too difficult to get people to help you out since your book is actually an interesting one.
  1. Don’t promote with direct marketing alone, promote with every available platform: There are lots of platforms to promote your book with which include social media, online book stores and word-of-mouth. Use these and any others you can think of to promote your book.
  1. Don’t think short-term, think long-term: Great books stand the test of time, so when you are planning a book, think beyond the launch of the book, think of how the book will be relevant till the end of time and the best way you can do this, is to plan and not give up.
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Basically, to launch a bestselling book, write an interesting book, promote your book with every available resource and give yourself enough time to plan your book launch.

Here’s to your success!