Before he worked as Director of Marketing for iUniverse’s parent company Author Solutions, Keith Ogorek was an aspiring author. He developed six tips for writing to successfully publish your book.

Writing for successful publication

  1. Set a date you want to hold a finished copy of your book – Before you start writing, pick a date on which you want to hold the first copy of your completed book. Choose a significant day like your 50th birthday; your wedding anniversary or a day that coincides with a life event like a speaking engagement.
  2. Pay attention to the best time/place for writing productively – Pay attention to the time and place that allows you to do your most productive writing. One author found that he worked best in the morning, stating that he could get more done in the hour between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. than he could in the three hours between 2 and 5 p.m.
  3. Set a schedule that will allow you to hit your target date – So you’ve decided that you work best late at night. Block off that time as YOUR time for writing and stick to it to keep your self-publishing goal. Make writing just another part of your daily routine, like eating breakfast or taking a shower.
  4. Make yourself accountable to someone for finishing your book – Designate someone who will hold you accountable for reaching your goal. It can be a friend or family member; or someone familiar with the process. For example, Publishing Service Associates at iUniverse have served in this role for thousands of authors. A firm but gentle hand can be all the encouragement you need to stay on track.
  5. Have a plan for promoting your book once it’s finished – This can serve two purposes. First and foremost, from a practical standpoint marketing your book effectively can be the most important step in getting it into the hands of thousands of interested readers. Secondly, as a creative person, cooking up innovative and exciting ways for promoting your book once it’s completed can drive you to remain focused on the job at hand. iUniverse offers many options for helping authors push their books to the masses.
  6. Plan an event to celebrate the book’s completion – For many authors, writing and publishing a book is one of the greatest accomplishments of their lives. Celebrate this feat. Throw a launch party at your home for friends and family. Give out copies of your book to those who’ve inspired you. This is more than a book, it’s part of your legacy. Take a few moments to pat yourself on the back and enjoy your achievement.
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Source: iUniverse