Dear Esteemed Clients,


We wish to inform you that we shall be commencing operations in the United Kingdom with effect from Monday, November 1, 2021.


The process of internationalising our operations has been in the offing since 2016 after a series of cross-country surveys that scoped the United Kingdom as well as other frontline markets such as the United States, United Arab Emirates, Kenya and Rwanda. We finally decided to start off from the UK because of the twin advantage it offers in proximity to other European markets as well as its long-standing affinity with the United States.


While we still maintain an active presence in Nigeria, our foreign setup positions us to be able to offer superior value to our clients.


To our writing and editorial clients, you can now enjoy the added value of having L1 users of the English language, drawn from a genteel pool, working on your writing and editing projects for a local or international audience.


Meanwhile, The Ready Writers has a track record of having completed a total of 13,612 major projects ranging from manuscripts, reports, edits, technical and short writings since its inception 12 years ago. No other writing company in sub-Saharan Africa can boast of such a vast portfolio. Thanks to you for giving us the bragging right.


For our print and digital publishing clients, while we will still continue to offer you far-reaching digital footprints by publishing your books and titles on all leading retail stores across the world, our foreign operations also enable us to give you quality print production from a clime where detail and excellence are more valued.

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SOI Publishing is one of the few publishing houses around that put you everywhere – Amazon Kindle, Publish on Demand, Smashwords, Apple Store, Barnes & Noble, Gardners, KoboBooks, Odilo, Scribd and so on.


For our PR and marketing communications clients, it only gets better as we have partnered with a leading database operator which avails us direct access to over 1.270 million journalists and media influencers across the globe.


Yes, you read that correctly, our new partnership gives us direct access to about one million, three hundred thousand top journalists and influencers of various backgrounds and writing interests to disseminate your press releases, brand narratives, marketing campaigns and cause/political messages to. And we are able to track performance from any part of the world through the help of a proven mechanism with 99.6% data accuracy.


So, when next you need to reach the world with your narrative and sponsored content, TRW Consult will be delighted to blast it for you. We have dominated the media placement business in West Africa for several years now with an intensity that has become a trademark, now we are taking it global.


Thanks for making time to read this note. We promise to furnish you with more updates as they arise and be more consistent with them as before.


Yours truly,


Babatunde OLADELE