It would be lovely to safeguard your manuscript against rejection.

Rejection is a real possibility for every writer; it hangs over writers like the age-long sword of Damocles, which is why it is important to be well prepared in order to avoid it. Thus, here are some ways to prepare accurately in order to prevent your story from being rejected by a publisher:

  1. Write the best story you can tell

Some stories get rejected because they are quite boring to read, which is why you should write a story from a place of passion. When you do, a lot of people would be able to connect to your story and find it interesting.

  1. Avoid grammatical errors

Grammatical errors are usually a turn-off for many publishers when they are reading a manuscript or a story; as a result, when they see a story with too many errors, their default response is to reject it. To avoid this kind of pit hole, ensure you edit your story thoroughly and get someone to proofread it for you too.

  1. Get the right publisher

Sometimes, stories get rejected because they don’t fit into the category/type of book a publisher deals with. So, it is important to carry out a research on several publishers, and send your story to the one that publishes your kind of manuscript.

  1. Follow standard formatting

Different publishers have their own format for writing, and if the formatting of a story doesn’t meet their standard, they are likely to reject it. Therefore, you need to  find out  the acceptable writing format of the publishing outfit you want to send your story to and format your story accordingly.

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  1. Be Professional

When sending your manuscript to a publisher, be professional about how you go about it. Don’t hype your story too much, and be courteous in your message.


Nevertheless, it is possible that you still get rejected by some publishers, but don’t give up. Keep writing and keep sending your story out to publishers. You definitely would find a publisher who would be willing to publish your book after a while.