Many authors crave to have the title ‘bestseller’ attached to their books, I mean who doesn’t anyway? However only a few authors tend to know what it takes to write a bestseller, and if you plan on writing a bestselling book, then read on to get a full glimpse into how to write one.

Writing a bestseller shouldn’t be all that difficult if you follow the steps below.

1. Don’t regurgitate an old idea

If you’re writing a book to make it a bestseller, then you should be able to bring out a new ‘big idea’ that will interest your audience as well as lure them to pick a copy of your book. Put ample effort into research before writing; don’t just write because you want to write.

2. Have your audience in mind

If you want your book to become a bestseller, then your audience needs to be duly considered. Don’t write like you are your main audience. You need to consider the thousands or millions of people whom you want to pick up your book and enjoy it. Have your audience in mind; give them something to talk about and make your book memorable.

3. Invest in developmental editing

It is not enough to write and edit for grammar and spell check, invest in developmental editing. That way, you can easily expunge phrases or clauses that might be posing some kind of distraction to your readers. Remove irrelevant and redundant words and edit your manuscript with clarity of mind.

4. Choose the right book cover

I cannot emphasize this enough. Your choice of cover for your manuscript can either make or mar your entire book. You might want to read my article on choosing the right book cover for your manuscript to help you learn how to select a befitting cover for your manuscript. Nobody will pick up a book with a bad cover, and how else do you want to make your book a bestseller if it doesn’t attract readers?

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5. Don’t stop promoting your book

The journey to making your book a bestseller doesn’t end in a single promotion stint. New books are published daily, and you need to continue pushing out your book to the public. If you had launched it before, then organise a discussion fest for your book. Talk about your book more often on social media, create a hashtag for it, and just don’t stop promoting your book.

Now that you have learnt how to write a bestseller book, congratulations in advance on becoming the next bestselling author.


Chima Rachael J.