If you are an author, then one of your goals in writing is probably to make sales and you most likely will if you have friends and family who are willing to buy your book.

But if you want to have large sales for your book, then it is important that you draw up a marketing plan. This is because having a marketing plan will help organize your sales strategies for professional review, help you save your time when marketing your book and it will also help you clearly define your goals. Now, your marketing plan doesn’t have to be very lengthy, it can be something you jot down in your note book or it could be something you write down on a word document page on your system, depending on what makes you feel comfortable.

So, here is a guide on how to put together a marketing plan for your book.

  1. Define your goals: At this stage, you need to determine what you intend to achieve with your book marketing. Is it sales, recognition, or both?
  2. Have a target number: After you have determined your goals, you need to have a target number for what you intend to achieve. How much money do you intend to have? How much interviews do you intend to attend relating to your book? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself.
  3. State your book details: This is a very critical step because it helps you evaluate your books. Write down the summary of your book, the category it falls in, your ISBN number, your book format, the key words relating to your book and every other important detail you can think of.
  4. Determine your target audience: Determine the people you intend to buy your book or know about your book. When you write about your audience ensure you are as detailed as possible. Write their age bracket, their estimated income, geographical areas and the likes.
  5. Determine your book price: Determine your book price and don’t forget to have your target number in mind when you determine this. Also, consider your target audience and come up with reasonable price that will favour your audience and will also help you meet your goal.
  6. Decide on your retailers: Then after settling on a price, you need to take note of all the platforms you would like to have your book on for sale such as Iwe, Amazon, Kobo, Okada and the likes. Also, decide if you will sell to your readers directly depending on the number of followers you have on your blog and social media platforms.
  7. Decide on your promotional strategies: At this stage, write down how you intend to promote your book, who you will engage in promoting your book, how much you intend to spend on your book promotion and how much each promoter will cost you. Also, consider how much people you can reach depending on the platform you choose and have in mind your goal when deciding on your promotional strategies.
  8. Review your strategies: After you have finished working on your book marketing strategies, take some time out to review your strategies. You can also give it to your family and friends to help go through your plan before you hatch it.
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When you take the time out to write down every detail of your book and marketing strategies, you will be setting yourself up for success and you will be halfway to achieving your book goal.

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