Feeling a little clogged up and no ideas are forthcoming? In this post, we’ve put down a few interesting pointers on how you can ease up and improve your creativity.

And while you can get a lot of other useful info across the Internet, you might find the nuggets in this post a little bit off the beaten track.

Improve your creativity: 6 guidelines you can follow

1. Learn through collaboration

Curiosity might kill the cat, but it will definitely not kill you. While it might be argued that creativity is sometimes an unpredictable flash of genius, it can also be more systematic and innovative. Bill Gates programmed for more than ten years under the guidance of senior programmers before he created Microsoft.

Hang around those whom you know are creative in their craft and learn. When you have enough inputs, ideas will flow as well.

2. Do something you love

Love and creativity are intertwined. Einstein was sometimes so engrossed in his work he forgot to eat, simply because he loved what he was doing. This made him very creative in his field.

3. Find Inspiration from other industries

You should always watch your competitors closely – although you should not copy them (unless you want to improve on what they have). But you need to be ahead always. Find out what leaders from other industries are doing to stay ahead and draw inspiration.

4. Do nothing

Doing nothing isn’t always a waste of time. Sometimes your ideas are waiting for you to relax before they jump into your brain. So, racking that poor grey matter in your head might not help. Sometimes you need to just unplug and do nothing.

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5. Get in the right mood

Only you can know exactly what puts you in the mood. It might be music. It might be complete silence. It might even be taking a walk. When that mood comes, creativity will flow.

6. Ask for advice or feedback

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Sometimes you are way too close to the problem to actually spot a solution. Ask for help and advice from friends, peers, and people from your personal network that you trust and respect. Every person has a unique skill set, experience, and knowledge. A fresh outside perspective, or three, or five, may be just what you need. Even if you don’t use their advice, it may spark some new, creative thinking that will get you where you need to go.