Being an author is not an easy task, because you need money for different aspects of the book aside from writing. You need money to hire a professional editor to edit the book and you also need money to get the book published, especially if you intend to do self-publishing as opposed to traditional publishing.

So, to that effect, here are some ways you can get funding for your book:

  1. Through donations: You can ask for donations from your friends and family, by telling them about your book (the theme and some other interesting details) and the amount you would need to get it published.
  2. Crowdsourcing: This seems to be one of the most effective ways to get funding for any project. It is basically a platform where you pitch your idea to the public and you get people to support you financially to launch your idea. There are several platforms you can join where you can set up a campaign to get such funds. They include: KickstarterIndiegogoUnboundRockethub, and Patreon
  3. Grants: Although it is quite rare for new authors to get grants for their books, you could still give it a try. So all you have to do is apply for grants online in your state.
  4. Get a sponsor: Sponsors are not only meant for entertainment projects, you can also get a sponsor for your book, although you would need to be creative about the benefits the sponsor would get, such as speaking at the book launch, a page advert in the book amongst others.
  5. Enter a Contest: As a writer, you could also search for a contest such as the Commonwealth writing contest, and participate in it. If you win, you can use the cash prize to get your book published.
  6. Freelancing: You can also write for people as a freelancer and save some earnings from the service until you get the required amount you need to get your book published.
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Aside from the above ways, you could also come up with creative ideas of your own on how to get funding for your book.

Good luck!