Who says you cannot promote your book before you publish it? As a matter of fact, it is advisable to already build the intensity and buzz around your book, so that once your book is ready, you can instantly sell out! Here are some of the ways you can promote your book before you publish it:

Build a Solid Foundation

Before you start any form of publicity, be sure to be media-ready. This means that you need to have defined your target audience, prepare your marketing messages, taken some professional author photos and so on. So, that it would be easy for you to promote your book.

Leverage on your Social Media Followers

Even if you have just 500 followers on your Twitter account, ensure you put out enough word out there that you are working on a book and they should watch out for it. You can also post a picture of yourself while working on your book or any activity you do regarding your book. Also, ensure that you build a close-knit fan base; people genuinely interested in your book.

Offer Value To People

You can give information on how to write a short story or a book, or answer questions on Quora and in exchange collect readers email address so that you can have a list of people to contact when your book is ready. You can also share quotes from your book so that people would be eager to buy and read the whole book.

Get Endorsements for your Book

A lot of authors are always happy to help their fellow authors if they are brave enough to ask them. So, ask other authors you respect or admire to read your book and write a short blurb about your book.

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Plan for your book launch

There are many things you can do on the day of your book launch that would make it successful, but many of these things need organization and adequate preparation to get the desired result. They include, inviting friends and family for the signing of the book, getting a location, contacting the press amongst other things. So, you can actually take the time to plan your book launch and get the word out there about your book

Talk about your Book at Interviews

Even though you haven’t published your book, you can grant interviews about yourself and what you are currently doing, and be sure to mention your book in the interview. You can also submit stories or articles to relating to your book to your local newspaper or magazine so that people can be aware of your book.

There are endless things you can do to promote your book before it gets published apart from the things already mentioned in this post. Although some of them can be time-consuming, they are actually worth it.