The Internet has fairly changed the way we think and share our thoughts today. It brings us a reservoir of knowledge and ideas about every subject on earth at the tip of our fingers. We can search for anything we want from the comfort of our homes. With this, there are plenty of free sources like blogs, articles, and websites today. One might think what is the relevance of books? Why do we still buy and read books? If there is no reader, why will anyone write a book?

Let’s look at 6 benefits of publishing a book and understand why websites and blogs do not replace books as the ultimate source of knowledge and experience (they are useful for quick reference though).

  1. Documentation: If you think you have a unique line of thought and your concepts are unrivaled and unprecedented and most importantly beneficial for the society, the best thing you can do is to write about them so that others can learn and improve on them. Many research and records were lost in the past as they were not treated and handled properly and responsibly. If you are a great thinker you have a philanthropic responsibility. Through writing and publishing, your creation is documented for reference for your own generation as well as the upcoming ones. This is your scope to leave your trail of ideas behind. And if it is good enough, you can even earn the unique right and recognition to your work as the first proponent in the field.
  2. Create Your Own Brand: You can write a book to advance your career and build your portfolio and credibility in your field. The same logic applies here. Despite your dissertation, conference presentation, classroom lectures, and even blogs, you still have something unsaid and unshared. Writing a book brings to you a wonderful opportunity to share those ideas of yours with the world. And also when you author a book it builds on your reputation and makes you almost an authority on your subject. And a book is also a real document of your academic finding and weighs much more than words of the patronisers.
  3. Become a best-selling author: If writing is your bread and butter and you have got what it takes to become a best-selling author, you probably know your checklists, starting from creating the right content to the appropriate marketing of your book.
  4. Writing as a Therapy or Inspiration: To help others overcome a personal obstacle. Many a time, we go through a certain type of psychological or physical problem where a remedy is neither available nor easy. Writing certainly offers redemption and sometimes one may feel compelled to write out an uncomfortable feeling to get rid of it. Such books about a personal journey or achievement can help people shake off similar discomforts.
  5. Share Information: This is one of the most common reasons for writing books: Sharing information on a specialized topic. There are many topics that are beyond the reach and understanding of common people. If you possess such secret knowledge and advanced skills, You can share them by writing and publishing a book. It is wise to remember that an unprecedented advancement in technology has brought democracy to the world of communication. One can get a cookery lesson or English class almost anywhere on the web but they are no replacements for the knowledge content and goodness of a book.
  6. Write as a Voice of Justice: Many authors use their authorship to campaign against social injustice or political unrest. If you have a strong sentiment for the unfairness and inequality surrounding you and you want to bring about a change for the betterment of the society, you may feel like writing a book about these burning issues.
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While there is nothing wrong in learning from or writing on blogs or websites, for comprehensive knowledge on a subject, we must turn to books. So, keep writing and give a thought to publishing your book.


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