Writing is like a train of thought, depending on how you twist it; it can take any form and still convey meaning. However, there are certain things writers should know, especially the aspiring authors. Compiled in this article are 5 tips every aspiring author should consider.

Aspiring Authors Should Learn New Crafts:

You are probably the best writer you know and as such feel you should publish a manuscript soon. But have you stopped to ask yourself if you have all the skills needed to turn your manuscript into a book? Author and writing coach, Lakin C.S advises that aspiring authors should spend time reading great books in the same genre they are writing. This is because reading a lot from different authors can unlock more creativity within you. It will also help you learn more writing styles that will make you hone your writing skill. Attend writing workshops, and learn proper writing structures before you publish. Finally all these will  help you learn how to improve your creative writing skills.

Don’t Rush Your Publisher:

The publishing process requires a healthy dose of that virtue we call patience. You shouldn’t just write today and expect your book to be all over book stores the next day.  Publishing has a chain of processes that take ample time. The Line editing phase, review phase, proofreading phase, book layout design, cover design, and so on. SOI Publishing understands the publishing process perfectly. That is why we take the pains to explain to aspiring authors who may not understand this process. This is to help them achieve nothing less than the best in their book publishing journey.

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Borrow Inspiration from Religious Books:

More than you think, your religious books can enable you to break away from writer’s block. The Bible and the Quran, for instance, have so many stories woven into different contexts. Most of these stories were also narrated from different points of views. Reading such books a lot will give you more writing inspiration and creativity.

Learn from Critiques:

Except, of course, you are not ready to put your book out there, you must learn to accept criticism. Welcome critiques and use them to develop your writing even better.

If you’re finding it difficult getting honest criticisms, then you should join writing communities. You can also create one with like-minded people. That way, you all can exchange each other’s manuscript for appraisal and reviews. Another way is to publish excerpts online; it could be your social media page or a personal blog.

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Write Now, Edit After:

If you have been advancing the date you will get started with that manuscript, now is the time to start writing it. It doesn’t matter if your thoughts aren’t well organized. It also doesn’t matter if your diction is not flowery enough. You should still write now and edit later. You can also seek the help of a professional writer or line editor. SOI Publishing renders all these services if you require them. However, don’t forget that blank pages can’t be edited.

Aside these 5 tips every aspiring author should consider, do you have more tips for aspiring authors? Drop them in the comment box below.

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Chima Rachael J.