Every business owner should publish a book! Authoring and publishing a book is one of the ways any business owner can establish himself as an authority in his field. This is especially important for those in the service industry. However, you find that most business owners don’t buy into the idea of publishing a book about their field for different reasons. While some feel like fish out of water in the content space because they are not professional writers, others simply do not consider it a necessity. Whatever group you belong, here are 5 reasons why every business owner should publish a book:

Publishing a book establishes authority and credibility for your business:

Publishing a book about the services you render is a good way to establish your credibility and authority in the line of your business. It builds a level of confidence in your clients and customers, as they become rest assured they are dealing with an expert.

Your book can serve as a business card:

While you may not have the opportunity of telling everyone about your business, your book can go a long way to tell your target readers, and prospective clients more about what you do. Everyone who reads your book already has an idea about the services you render. Since your book will also specify who you are and what you do, there is no better way to announce what you do than through your book.

Publishing a book provides you with extra Income

Apart from the recognition and free publicity,  it can lure more customers or clients to your business. It can also earn you an extra income through its sales.

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Publishing a book for your business hones your networking skill

Apart from providing you with extra income, it also creates a great opportunity to hone your networking skill. Everyone wants to be identified with an expert in the line of a particular business. Since your book already proves you an expert, networking becomes easier.

Publishing a book for your business enhances your product or service marketing:

While digital and non-digital adverts can go a long way to enhance your business growth, publishing a book can do even better. People react easily to good books that meet their needs. Most of all, good books are often talked about and as such, can go a long way to refer your business indirectly to your target users.

Now that you are aware of the numerous reasons why every business owner should publish a book. it is imperative as a business owner to make this a reality.

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Chima Rachael J.