Authors often underestimate the value of using social media as a tool for book marketing and audience reach.

Below are 5 reasons why every author must have vibrant social media accounts:

  1. Global Reach:Social media platforms give you a global reach. For example, Facebook has over 2 billion users from all over the world and it is also the number one app in the world. Imagine the millions and billions of potential buyers and fans you are able to reach just by being online and engaging them.
  2. Book Promotion:By virtue of having a social media account, you will be able to announce to your fans, followers, and other interested audiences whenever you have a new book coming up. Of course, you can also keep them talking about the ones you have already written via social media too.
  3. Discovery:When you are active on social media, it becomes easier for people to discover you and people can easily search for you on social media as well as through other search engines.
  4. Relationship:Engagement is integral to building strong and enduring relationships with your fans, followers, and potential buyers. You can easily answer questions or give immediate feedback to queries via social media.
  5. Spotlight:By posting engaging content on your social media accounts, it is easier for people to share your posts with their own circle, thus increasing your visibility and further putting you in the spotlight.

Even though social media can be time-consuming, by simply setting aside some minutes of your time to create a post and respond to your fans comments you can create a lot of awareness for your book and in turn make maximum sales.

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