We understand that sometimes you might just have some difficulty finding your creative switch. It’s not always easy coming up with an idea for your book. But never fear; we’re here for you.

Not sure what to write on? Here are some creative writing prompts to keep you rolling.

  1. Write about an antagonist in your favourite book or film, or even in your real life. Write from his point of view and pose him as the hero.
  2. Write a story about a small-town farmer and his family, and their struggles with the rains.
  3. Write about social class structures in traditional Nigeria before or during the colonial period.
  4. Start your story with a girl witnessing a high-profile murder.
  5. Start or end your story with a house going up in flames.
  6. Write about a character who is hiding his or her true self.
  7. Write about a woman whose husband dies and she gets caught up in his world, and discovers his lies.
  8. Write about two childhood friends in love, but involved in different marriages.
  9. Write a story where a character runs into someone they’ve seen in their dreams, or enters a building they’ve dreamt about before.
  10. Write about a strange town full of suspected paranormal activity.
  11. Write about two co-workers who are rivals, and each does anything he can to bring down the other.
  12. Write a story that ends with two people making peace.
  13. Write about a big secret that you’ve always kept to yourself. Give it to a character.
  14. Write about the worst moment in your life. Let a character play your role.
  15. Write a story in which the world is ruled by women, and men are inferior species.
  16. Write a story in which two people switch bodies.
  17. Write about a world in which society and technology are failing.
  18. Write about a man who fights to defeat the bad guys, but loses his humanity in the process.
  19. Write a story revolving around an important tradition in your local society.
  20. Begin your story with a family that moves from a big city down to a remote, rural neighbourhood.
  21. Start your story with the death of an influential king of a small, isolated community.
  22. Write a story in which a character slowly realises that he cannot trust anybody in his life.
  23. Write a story about a young man of promising talent who suddenly finds himself in a top position. His new subordinates hate him for it, and he has to fight to keep himself in the position he’s starting to love.
  24. Write about a character who travels and gains a new perspective. He returns home a completely different person.
  25. Write about a woman whose numerous affairs endangers her husband and children.
  26. Start your story with major breaking news that changes the world forever.
  27. Write about someone who doesn’t remember their past. And with the way things are turning out, they’re not sure they want to.
  28. Write a story in which two very different characters fall in love.
  29. Write a story that ends with one character betraying the other.
  30. Write a story in which two families have a generational feud. However, two people from both families fall in love.
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Feel free to either write on these specific themes or use them to come up with something else that you’d prefer. Creative prompts are useful in many ways because they give you ideas and get your imagination spinning (again), but of course they are by no means a magic wand.

Try them and don’t forget to give us some feedback through your comments below.

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